An electronic file cabinet of documents/insights/questions from the local study of the OCF document by some Baha'is of the Triangle area in North Carolina, 2005

- updated 9/4/05 -


The document itself, formatted with paragraph numbers and unit headings (thanks to Bruce Barick)
Triangle Course Syllabus
The working draft of a series of modules to be used for engaging various audiences with the concepts presented in One Common Faith ** print this out and use it to record your ideas **
OCF - flow chart version

An overview/interpretation of One Common Faith developed by Lee Moavenzadeh



Unit 1 - Questions A few questions raised by the introduction (Lee)
Mental Tests Transcript of Peter Khan's 9/23/95 talk on mental tests
Individual Rights and Freedoms A statement by the Universal House of Justice to the Baha'is of the U.S. 12/29/88
Who is Writing the Future? Reflections on the Twentieth Century by the Baha'i International Community
Obedience An address given by Ian Semple 7/26/91
Unit 1 - Reflections Thoughts about the concepts and questions of the introduction (Lee)
Unit 2 - Questions A few questions raised by the "Materialism" unit (Lee)
Materialism Compilation Excerpts from Baha'i Writings on materialism (Wilmette Inst.)
A Culture of Consumption An article on materialism and "stuff" (Nathan)
Humanity's Coming Encounter With Baha'u'llah Talk by Doug Martin 1992
Unit 2 - Reflections chart A diagram of some of the concepts presented (Lee)
Unit 2 - Reflections Further thoughts (& visuals) (Lee)
Unit 3 - Questions A few questions raised by the "Global Integration and Modernity" unit (Lee)
Unit 3 - Questions, no. 2 A few questions raised from the three Wilmette supplementary materials listed below
Modernism: Two Kinds A compilation of secular and religious perspectives (Wilmette)
Globalization Wikipedia article (Wilmette)
The Baha'i Faith and Globalization article by Robert Stockman (Wilmette)
Message to the Kings a summary of Baha'u'llah's Surih of Kings excerpted from God Passes By
The Covenant Brief excerpt from Adib Taherzadeh and accompanying diagram (Lee)
Day of Resurrection compilation of quotes from Scriptures (Lee)
Dogma - What is it? compilation of quotes from Baha'i Writings (Lee)
Unit 3 - Reflections , sec. 3 First part of an uncertain number of reflections on this unit (Lee)
Spiritual Existence is Immortality A talk by 'Abdu'l-Baha; followed by a few quotes from Writings
The Development of Mankind Essay from Julio Savi on the purpose of existence
Purpose of Existence chart Inspired from Savi's article above (don't hold your breath on this one, but it WILL be developed)
Unit 3 - Reflections, sec. 3, ii Yep, more reflections - these on the purpose of existence
Unit 3 - Reflections, sec. 4 (oh my good gosh! more?!!)
Unit 4 - Questions A few questions raised by the "Progressive Revelation" unit (Lee)
Unit 4 - Bonus Question (it's a doosie!) (Lee)
Letter to the World's Religious Leaders Letter from the Universal House of Justice, April 2002
Nostra Aetate Pope Paul VI's declaration on the relation of the Church to Non-Chrisian religions , 1965 (Wilmette)
Necessity of Interfaith Dialogue A Muslim perspective by Fethullah Gulen (Wilmette)
Tablet of the Holy Mariner The Tablet and its context from God Passes By and Revelation of Baha'u'llah
Unit 4 - Reflections (not even begun to think about it!)
Unit 5 - Questions A few questions raised by the "Civilizing Humanity" unit (Lee)
Conflicting Truth Claims of Different Religions Article by John Hick (Wilmette)
The Context Historical context illustrating the civilizing impact of religion; a talk by 'Abdu'l-Baha addressed to a synagogue
Spiritual Education A brief overview by Julio Savi **absolutely fantastic**
Unit 6 yep, it's begun
The Eternal Quest for God Brilliant compilation of Baha'i Writings offering rational proofs of God, by Julio Savi
God's Program for Human Development Handout from a talk on harmony of science and religion on creation/evolution given by Bill Kraus, 2001 (graphics on pg. 5 are messing up - I'm trying to fix it)
Evolution of Human Spirituality by Dr. Ron Hershel -- audio files coming soon ... thanks Eric!
Multifaith Readings & Prayers Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 Collected and arranged by Baha'i Community of Benton County, Oregon - 106 pages total
World Scripture A comparative anthology of sacred texts compiled by the International Religious Foundation, 1991