Subject: Re: Unit 1
From: Lee & Kamyar
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 09:55:05 -0400

Thought I would sneak in my reflections on the Foreward -- Ernie, thank 
you so much for encouraging me to reflect upon it (I would have missed 
out otherwise).

I'm BIG into questions - so reflecting upon the Foreward, I distilled a 
few questions to keep in mind as I delve further into this document (and 
the Writings):

1 -- What are some of the "fixed conceptions" from the past that we 
must free ourselves of?  [in order to do so, it seems we must have not 
only the courage to see and think for ourselves - independent 
investigation - but the faculties for it;  what do I need to do to 
develop and enhance my faculties for independent thought?]

2 -- What ARE "the implications of the truth that God is one and... 
religion is likewise one"?

3 -- How SHOULD "the believing masses of humankind relate to one another"?

4 -- What is religious spirit?  What are the "shackles" on religious 
spirit?  [I imagine "piercing veils of glory" may have something to do 
with releasing those shackles]

5 -- How do I gain a "DEEP understanding of the process by which 
humanity's spiritual life evolves"?

I am also struck by the metaphor in 5 that the Cause "represents the 
arrowhead of an awakening" - it made me think of the following qualities 
of an arrowhead => smallest part of the arrow; forged for 
purity=strength or at least honed to obtain a sharp edge; helps guide 
(the momentum of the shaft) and penetrate (must be sharp and 

I think these will be informative questions for me to carry through this 
journey.  Thanks for letting me share them with you,
       Lee Moavenzadeh