Subject: Unit 5
From: Lee & Kamyar
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 23:30:06 -0400

O.K., clipping right along... here are questions for Unit 5.          Lee

45  --  Do the sacred texts "assign" an inferior social status to women 
-OR- is that a product of human/male assumptions and interpretations of 
text?  (I see the "supportive" but not the "subordinate" in the text 
I've read -- if viewed through historical/cultural context.)   There 
seems much proof to the contrary (of inferior status) in the lives and 
example of the Manifestations themselves.

45-48  --  Anyone want to work with me to compose a BRIEF "History of 
Mankind" that illustrates these contexts and evolution?  (I've just this 
summer launched into a project of studying history with my three 
daughters over the course of the next 15+ years, so I'm in this for the 
long haul.)

48 --  Any corollary with child development and spiritual education 
(addressing only what is immediately relevant in a progressive manner)?  
[perhaps ANISA holds some insights]

49 --  So what are our "present-day afflictions" and the remedies they 
require?  [Is 50 the answer?!  No - 51 is!!!  quite a task for Baha'is 
- do we understand this purpose?!]

51 --  What will begin to re-establish religion's authority in guiding 
humanity's affairs?  (deeds, not words?!?!)  [maybe look back at Units 2 
& 3 for clues from what removed religion from authority in the first place]

          Is the pattern of MLK similar to Gandhi's?  Did "the Church" 
rise up to demand the dismantling of segregation (I know lots of "church 
folks" did) or was it the power of secular state?

52 --  What is that "one power"?

          What does it mean "to recognize Him"?  (are there Baha'is who 
have NOT yet?)   Is it enough to simply believe in the principles (51) 
-OR- is an understanding/relationship, sufficient to produce the moral 
conviction for implementing them, required?  (-OR- does it depend on the 
person, and vary?)