Subject: Unit 6
From: Lee & Kamyar
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 23:48:06 -0400

Here we go again.  For what it's worth, I'm happy to share the questions I've posed for myself in this Unit (so far).     Lee

54 --  How would you summarize the "current crisis of civilization"?  (If you had to do it in a 2 column chart -- column 1: crises (crisi?!); column 2: implications of unity)

         What was the "understanding of processes of social evolution" from the last 20 years?

55 --  So, all we have to do is restore "religions influence in human affairs"!  Ideas?!?   (living the life? deeds not words?)

56 & 57 & 58 --  What would be an honest assessment of the example of the Baha'i Community?  (pulled the beginnings from the document itself)
         achievements                              challenges
         **********                              ********
   most diverse and                              have the diversity; need to strengthen the unity
   geographically widespread

   democratically elected
   admin. (w/o clergy)

   not result of traditional
   means of exploitation,
   coercion/fear, but from a
   new sense of identity that               (that's NOT an expression of intrinsic
   shapes our purpose                        moral superiority)

   **survived the perilous
   beginnings of religion
   w/o faction

57 --  What extraordinary feats of sacrifice and understanding (if any) have I manifested in my life?

58 --  Is there a brief overview of these "transient outburts of controversy" (including current ones) and their results?

59 --  How is "evil" explained away by materialism (if not a spiritual disease)?  For that matter, how is "good" explained?

60 --  What are other warnings against betrayal of trust and openness in the Scriptures?  (exposing Noah's nakedness)

61 --  What is the purpose of "self-love" if it can strengthen the "insistent self" which is a barrier to the "self-sacrifice" necessary for unity?  (check out SWAB p. 256)

         How do we know/prove (can we/do we need to?) that "fulfilment lies... in the soul's submission to God"?

62 --  What are the "nature and provisions of the specific Covenant" for preserving unity of servants of Baha'u'llah?

         Are "joining partners with God" and "failing to submit to God" the same thing?  (insights from Tablet of the Holy Mariner)

63 --  What are "the solemn undertakings [we] entered into on being accepted as [Baha'is]"?  (does it realte to my favorite UHJ quote from the Letter to World's Religious Leaders?)

         What were the "spiritual priorities... of the Divine purpose" in past ages?  (check 48)